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Making sure “retirement” are the best years yet, that’s our deal. We talk to real people, because they’re inspiring. We mine the Internet and highlight the most relevant studies. We serve it all up in bite-size chunks to help you create a 2nd half that rocks. From biggies like money & health to technology, work, culture and lifestyle, we focus on stuff that matters.

We want a new design for the 2nd Half, with millions thriving like crazy for the long haul. It’s going to be cool. Hope you become a regular.

Here’s my deal …
48, Married 24 years, 3 kids – 24, 21, 16
Technology –  EIU, Adaptable Systems, D&B, Datalogix, ISS (now IBM), 18 yrs
Financial Services –  GamePlan Financial Marketing (now Allianz), 4+ yrs
Ministry –  His Hands Church (very cool), 3+ yrs
NOW – 2nd Half Lounge
The video shares the rest.  Thanks for watching.