Episode Number 71 - 06.07.11

What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired Part IV

You've gotta be more than the red bird!

Last week renowned “headhunter” and recruiter Skip Freeman shared how job seekers can become “more than just the red bird” by truly differentiating ourselves. Read More

Episode Number 70 - 05.31.11

What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired Part III

How's your aim?

If you missed the second article of Skip Freeman’s “What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired,” you should check it out.

In today’s article, Freeman talks about differentiation. Don’t differentiate, and you’re done. Like all the other “red birds.” Read More

Episode Number 68 - 05.23.11

What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired Part II

Where are YOU aiming.

It’s true. The uber-popular smart phone, tablet, Ipad & PC game ‘Angry Birds’ can teach us a thing or two about getting hired. Part 1 showed us that our short-term memory can help or hurt us, big-time.

Nationally recognized recruiter Skip Freeman, author of best-selling, Headhunter Hiring Secrets, and CEO of The HTW Group, has written a series entitled: “What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired.” Freeman is an expert on the DOs and DON’Ts for job seekers during the search and hiring process. In Part II, he explores breaking through the lair – the barriers companies set up to keep you out.

Read More

Episode Number 67 - 05.20.11

What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired.

Learn secrets that will get you hired.

Angry Birds can help you land a job. What??? It’s true.

In addition to being the #1 paid app in the galaxy, the wildly popular game for smart phones, Ipads, PCs, Macs, etc., also contains job hunting nuggets of wisdom.

I recently connected with nationally recognized recruiter Skip Freeman, President & CEO of The HTW Group (HTW = Hire to Win), and author of the best-selling book, “HeadHunter Hiring Secrets.” We talked about the 2nd half, and one of its biggest challenges- unemployment. Skip being the generous sort, then offered to share a series of articles he’s written, “What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired.” Looking for work? Read on for Part 1.

P.S. Don’t worry if you don’t play Angry Birds, we’ve inserted a few short demonstration clips. But to see what all the fuss is about and download a version, click here. Read More

Episode Number 58 - 04.20.11

2 Sales Tips For Your Job Hunt.

It’s tough out there. Maybe tougher than ever, especially if you’re in your 2nd half. Landing a job in today’s market demands some selling skill and strategy. Given unemployment levels, and having sold for the better part of 20 years, I wanted to share 2 basic thoughts that might help.

Stop settling for this.

1) Decide you’re done taking “No” from people who can’t tell you “Yes.” This is not 2nd Half Lounge-speak for “be obnoxious.” It has more to do with the path you choose. Traditional corporate hiring processes can result in “No” before you ever have a phone conversation, and certainly before meeting anyone face-to-face. Within 5 seconds, a Talent Acquisition Manager can scan & trash your resume because of perceived lack-of-fit. Read More