Episode Number 35 - 01.20.11

Cool Sleep Ken.

At this temp, I might spontaneously combust.

In Tuesday’s video launching Sleep Week, we said an ideal sleep space is cold. What’s that even mean? What’s chilly to my wife is like a frigging furnace to me.

While experts don’t agree, most say an ideal temperature for sleeping is between 60 & 68 degrees. Above 75 and below 54 will disrupt your sleep. Read More

Episode Number 33 - 01.18.11

Sleep. Get it?

Our Marpac white noise machine ... Makes me sleepy just looking at it.

Sleep has not been important to me. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, was my mantra.  After today’s episode … I think that’s a stupid mantra.

We spend about 1/3 of our life asleep, and 7 out of 10 in the U.S. have frequent problems sleeping.

Sleep is both a quantity AND quality thing. Number of hours varies from person to person, but most need between 7 and 9. That’s 7 to 9 hours of GOOD quality, uninterrupted shut-eye.  Skimp on either one, and the negative impact is broad.  Work, health & fitness, relationships, learning, etc. Read More

Episode Number 31 - 01.12.11

2nd Half & The iPad?

In the last 9 months, somewhere north of 10 million iPads have been sold.  That’s a pretty big number.  Even for Apple. Not being an iPad owner (yet) I wondered, “What’s the big deal?” And, “Who’s buying these things?”  We like technology, but what is everyone so jazzed about?   Read More

Episode Number 30 - 01.07.11

Helping Helps Part II

Click to order on Amazon.

Part II with Dr. Stephen G. Post on the unexpected goodness when we help. It’s pretty surprising.  His newest book, The Hidden Gifts of Helping, is due out this February. Click here for Part I with Dr. Post.


Regularly giving of ourselves with purely unselfish motives. Hmmm. A couple of hours each week. Hmmm. Good for them … good for us.

You might be thinking, “But I don’t know who or what organization(s) need help.”  Great news … Read More

Episode Number 29 - 01.04.11

New Year’s Resolution Advice

Resolutions.  We make ’em.  And if we don’t break ’em, sometimes they become kind of discouraging.  Great news though, today we talk about some resolution strategy tweaks that will wildly increase our chances of success.

On a side note, we’d love to hear about your 2011 goals.  If you need some ideas, the last episode has tons.
Read More