Episode Number 65 - 05.13.11

A Family Tree Discovery

Like puzzles? You might like genealogy work.

While searching my family tree on Ancestry.com a few weeks ago in preparation for this week’s initial ancestry episode, I came across a “puzzle” piece. A relative I’d never met. Her name is Cynthia. Curiosity piqued, I needed to find out more.  Read More

Episode Number 64 - 05.11.11

Advice From a Genealogy Expert

Expert advice – we love it. And today, we’ve got it.

If you missed yesterday’s episode on Ancestry you might want to watch it to get some context for today. But if you’d rather jump right in… have at it!

This may be stating the obvious, but with genealogy work, the further back we dig, the bigger the challenges. Read More

Episode Number 63 - 05.10.11

Ancestry is Hot.


We were curious. Why has genealogy become so incredibly popular? Especially among people in their 2nd half?

We dug in to find out more about the why which then led us to the how. We also were fortunate to get author, historian, professor, psychoanalyst, and family history expert Dr. Charles Strozier to lend us some of his expertise. We hear briefly from Dr. Strozier today, and continue that interview later this week.

“Luke, I am your father.” ~ Darth Vader.

Like young Luke Skywalker, many of us are simply need to know more. We want to know if our great-great-great grandfather on our mom’s side was a Civil War Hero, or a successful butcher from Lithuania, or an menacing, half-robot space guy. We’re curious. Read More

Episode Number 53 - 03.26.11


My Aunt Pattie passed away of cancer on March 17th. She was an awesome lady. Always made me feel like I was a big deal.

While in town for her funeral this past week, I learned that everyone was a big deal to Pattie. Now THAT’S the kind of legacy I’d like to leave.

Pattie's faith is part of her legacy.

Episode Number 52 - 03.22.11

5 Elements of Well Being

Not thriving? Read this.

Well being. It’s not just about being happy. Or just about money. Or just about health. But when we focus on one area, we tend to expect across-the-board, life transformation. When things don’t change all that much, we’re left disappointed and frustrated.

Enter Tom Rath and Jim Harter from Gallup. Their book, Well Being, The Five Essential Elements, offers insight into how people around the world come to a sense of having “a great life.” Career, Social, Financial, Physical and Community represent the five elements. Read More