Episode Number 58 - 04.15.11

Unemployment, Your Money & Dave Ramsey

Money problems typically don't just go away.

Unemployment was still 8.8 percent as of April Fool’s Day. Nothing funny about that. Nothing funny at all.

Also falling under the category of “not funny” is the intimacy with which the unemployed understand the phrase “money is tight.”  And I don’t mean “tight” in the way younger and cooler people mean it either. Although more money generally would be described as “tight.” Read More

Episode Number 52 - 03.22.11

5 Elements of Well Being

Not thriving? Read this.

Well being. It’s not just about being happy. Or just about money. Or just about health. But when we focus on one area, we tend to expect across-the-board, life transformation. When things don’t change all that much, we’re left disappointed and frustrated.

Enter Tom Rath and Jim Harter from Gallup. Their book, Well Being, The Five Essential Elements, offers insight into how people around the world come to a sense of having “a great life.” Career, Social, Financial, Physical and Community represent the five elements. Read More

Episode Number 51 - 03.17.11

Taxes Done For Free?

Don't struggle with these if you don't have to.

The IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, has thousands of sites all over the country helping get taxes done … gratis! Recently we met 3 extraordinary VITA team members. Read More

Episode Number 44 - 02.18.11

Coupons? Now More Than Ever.

Coupon Users Income Bracket from ilovecouponmonth.com

Not using coupons? You’re missing out big time. After a 20-year decline, 2009 saw a spike, and according to NCH Marketing, 2010 continued the record-setting pace. Last year, coupon users saved $3.7 billion.

Printed coupons still account for the vast majority redeemed.  But, Internet-based, printable coupons and mobile coupons have gone viral.  With the visibility of Groupon and Living Social, digital coupons will soon surpass traditional, printed coupons. Smartphones with GPS are fueling hyperlocal coupon deals too. (See lists below) Read More


8 Reasons We SPEND More Than We Should

Worrying about money. It’s what we do. Why? Because looking down the road, we’re not saving much. Wells Fargo reports median savings for those 50 – 59 is only $29,000. Earning 5% over 20 years, that’s about $190 a month. Not enough for most people. Smart investing certainly becomes crucial. But, smarter spending is perhaps even more important and certainly more controllable. Read More