Episode Number 55 - 04.06.11

Attitude & Adversity

Terry probably skis better than me

Today’s vid showcases the incredible attitude of my friend, Terry Boomer. He also happens to be my landlord. Which reminds me I forgot to give him a check before I went out of town. Hope I still have an office.

Hard circumstances hit all of us. It’s life. Our response to adversity determines whether we truly thrive or simply exist. Terry thrives. His response encompasses faith, gratitude, people, & taking action. Check him out.

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Episode Number 53 - 03.26.11


My Aunt Pattie passed away of cancer on March 17th. She was an awesome lady. Always made me feel like I was a big deal.

While in town for her funeral this past week, I learned that everyone was a big deal to Pattie. Now THAT’S the kind of legacy I’d like to leave.

Pattie's faith is part of her legacy.

Episode Number 51 - 03.17.11

Taxes Done For Free?

Don't struggle with these if you don't have to.

The IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, has thousands of sites all over the country helping get taxes done … gratis! Recently we met 3 extraordinary VITA team members. Read More

Episode Number 46 - 03.01.11

Recreation That Recreates?

To me ... golf isn't "fun."

We spend billions every year on recreation. It’s supposed to have restorative powers … bring new life. Is your recreation bringing you anything  “new?”

How about a refreshed attitude or perspective? How does it make you feel about yourself? Today we’ll look at a way to spend time off that leaves me fired-up and encouraged … every single time. Hint: It’s not golf.

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Episode Number 43 - 02.10.11

Will To Live

Nearly 4 months ago, some dear friends experienced the unimaginable: they lost their 15 year-old son to suicide. Will Trautwein was a loving son and brother, gifted musician and athlete, and kind-hearted friend and teammate. He was dearly loved. His death is tragic and difficult to understand. CBS Atlanta tells how our friends, John & Susie Trautwein, are now fighting to save others from the same tragedy. The Will to Live Foundation is how they’re bringing that fight. Read More