Episode Number 45 - 02.22.11

The Dessert Years.

Please welcome my good friend and fellow blogger, Robin. She and “The Husband” are in the midst of a decidedly awesome 2nd half. And they’re really just getting started! Her blog, All Things Heart & Home combines tons of funny & heartfelt writing with great ideas and snazzy photography which all results in real Internet-ty goodness. And great news: You’re about to get a little sample!

Hi 2nd Half Loungers! I’m Robin from All Things Heart and Home which is my little corner of the blog world where I share my heart as well as all the things I love doing to make our house a home.

Doug was nice enough to let me hang out with you today…I’d so love to meet you and hear a bit about your lives and your passions … and if you have a minute, I’d love to tell you a few of my thoughts about this, the 2nd half of my life!

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Episode Number 44 - 02.18.11

Coupons? Now More Than Ever.

Coupon Users Income Bracket from ilovecouponmonth.com

Not using coupons? You’re missing out big time. After a 20-year decline, 2009 saw a spike, and according to NCH Marketing, 2010 continued the record-setting pace. Last year, coupon users saved $3.7 billion.

Printed coupons still account for the vast majority redeemed.  But, Internet-based, printable coupons and mobile coupons have gone viral.  With the visibility of Groupon and Living Social, digital coupons will soon surpass traditional, printed coupons. Smartphones with GPS are fueling hyperlocal coupon deals too. (See lists below) Read More


8 Reasons We SPEND More Than We Should

Worrying about money. It’s what we do. Why? Because looking down the road, we’re not saving much. Wells Fargo reports median savings for those 50 – 59 is only $29,000. Earning 5% over 20 years, that’s about $190 a month. Not enough for most people. Smart investing certainly becomes crucial. But, smarter spending is perhaps even more important and certainly more controllable. Read More

Episode Number 43 - 02.10.11

Will To Live

Nearly 4 months ago, some dear friends experienced the unimaginable: they lost their 15 year-old son to suicide. Will Trautwein was a loving son and brother, gifted musician and athlete, and kind-hearted friend and teammate. He was dearly loved. His death is tragic and difficult to understand. CBS Atlanta tells how our friends, John & Susie Trautwein, are now fighting to save others from the same tragedy. The Will to Live Foundation is how they’re bringing that fight. Read More
Episode Number 42 - 02.08.11

10 Wallet-Friendly Valentine’s Ideas

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It’s that time. Valentine’s Day. At a loss for what to do? We got you covered … and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. As a matter of fact, … today’s video could make you a hero for the next Birthday & Anniversary too.

If you haven’t read Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages … you should. It opened my eyes BIG time to how my wife, Dani, is wired … and how I’m wired.  That’s good stuff.  Click here to take a quiz and find out your love language.

The Cooking Husband, Thomas Zebley has got it going on. Food, drinks, yeah. Be a hero to your special someone. Cook. Read More