Episode Number 38 - 01.23.11

Sleep. Anxiety. Solutions.

Thought this would be a good way to bring Sleep Week to a close.  Anxiety related to unemployment, healthcare, etc. is rampant.  It’s  frequently the culprit behind our sleep deprivation.

Anxiety and good sleep don't go together.

Dr. Paul Nussbaum shares on the psychological causes and impacts of too little sleep.  And provides a simple technique to deal anxiety-related sleep loss that doesn’t involve drugs.

Candidly, I think Green Bay fans will need help after today, while fans from Pittsburgh or New York will be dealing with anxiety over playing Da Bears in Super Bowl XLV.

Sleep anxiety issues too?

Thanks for watching this week.  If you’ve tried any of the tips, shoot us a comment to let us know how you’re sleeping.  Or if there’s other stuff that’s worked for you, share that too.  It may be that one thing that helps others have the 2nd half of their dreams.  Bad pun. Couldn’t resist.

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